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Hair Transplant In Lahore

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Hair transplant is the transaction procedure of hair recycling. It is in the demand of these days. See the hair transplant before and after results to check the popolarity Hair transplant in Lahore amongst the most well-known cosmetic procedures. It is acquiring by individuals in Lahore. Dr. Abdul Malik Mujahid is one of the best Plastic surgeon in Lahore is giving extraordinary services of hair transplant. He administers most advanced systems in this field of Hair Transplant in Lahoreand cosmetic surgery procedure.

Causes Of Hair Transpalnt

Mental turmoil, stress, or high fever,natural variables, hormonal lopsidedness, iron deficiency and parasitic contamination additionally are the fundamental aspects of the lose of your hair. So plastic surgeon classified the Hair Transplant in 1-7 stages according to the Morwood Classification.

Evaluation Of Hair Transplant

The patient needs to visit the facility of a plastic surgeon for a precise finding of the hair transplant because a plastic surgeon keeps the age, dietary patterns, dimension of pressure, and different perspectives in the thought during evaluation.


Different Types of strategies are accessible for fue hair transplant cost. Medication, non-surgical, and surgical procedures are include in it. Hair transplant procedures has various benefits. In it FUT enables the patient to accomplish more grafts in one session. While FUE strategy permits quick recuperation with less scars. It will give best outcomes in less timespan for FUE transplant.

Postoperative Care

Patient needs to follow post-operative instructions very carefully. It assists him to recover quickly. For recovery Painkillers and antibiotics are provided to get relief from pain. Instructions regarding scalp cleaning and washing your head are provided. As a whole almost 9-12 months are required to get final results.Some complications are arise as given below :SwellingBruisingHematomaInfectionCyst formationScarringUnsatisfactory results.

Areas Can Be Transplanted

The are of scalp, eyebrows, beared area, moustaches , sideburns areas are transplanted in Hair Transplant.

Dr. Abdul Malik plastic surgeon In Lahore provides FUE hair transplant in Lahore at the cost of

Rs.35 rupees for FUE hair transplant per graft.

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