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Ear Reshaping Surgery In Lahore

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Ear Reshaping Surgery

A cosmetic procedure that is used to protruding ears is call the surgery of otoplasty that is also called otoplasty or pinnaplasty. It isn't suitable for the children younger than five as their ears will still be growing and developing.

Ear Reshaping in Lahore for an older child or adult can be done under local anaesthetic by a plastic surgeon

Ear Reshaping Surgery generally involves making one small cut behind the ear to expose the ear cartilage. In ear reshaping surgery small pieces of cartilage removes if it is necessary. It score and stitches .The remaining structure into the desired shape and position as a patient wants.After the few days of ear reshaping surgery your ears may be sore and tender or numb so you may have a slight tingling sensation for a few weeks. To protect your ears from infections a patients need to wear a bandage around the head for a few days.

Complication of ear Reshaping Surgery

In any case.the possible complications as Bleeding, Cartilage exposure, Hematoma, C shape deformity, Infection, Keloid formation, Asymmetry, Over correction, Recurrence, Under correction, Hypertrophic scar Some more complication are arises in otoplasty recovery because after ear correction in Lahore it's common to have

1) Small scar behind each ear

2) Shows slight bruising around the ears

3) Creates soreness, numbness or tingling in the ears

Cost of Ear Surgery

Dr.Abdul Malik the best plastic & cosmetic surgeon in Lahore performs the ear reshaping in Lahore at an affordable cost. It ranges from Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 95,000. Why are you waiting for? When you have such an outstanding solution to your or your loved one’s ear deformity? Why should you prefer to live with a deformity? When you can enhance your appearance and quality of life? So, go ahead and book your surgery now to get it done from the best cosmetic surgeon in Lahore!





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